Task 2 – Storm Sound Effects Research


  • Beat drums offstage or roll a cannonball across the floor of the Heavens over the stage
  • A wooden box balanced like a seesaw
  • A cannon ball could be rolled from one end to the other to make a thundering noise.
  • Flex or jiggle a large sheet of aluminum.



  • Powder resin used to be blown through a flame to make flashes
  • A glass disc set in a case, with a light and a powerful reflector.



  • Sprinkle rice, birdseed or coarse sand on a metal sheet or other thin surface
  • Large metallic drum, containing small shot or hard peas


This could be performed on the stage but behind the cortins on the side but with a microphone on the side to make the audience could hear the noise.






24 November

In Han’s lesson we saw one video that shows one choir doing sounds effects of storm on body. And it’s basically tapping the legs, snapping the fingers, rubbing the hands and they did jump to make the thunder sound effect.


So we are trying to make this as a video all together to recording and using for our Performance (Level’s 2) The Tempest on 29th of November to create a storm. We are trying to do this video including with year 1 actors when they are suppose to doing the Audition Prep. and we are going to join in to record and doing the video for The Tempest as a group to have more sounds and effects because we are just 9 in the class.



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