Task 1 – The Tempest Research




Who I am?

Prospero is a former Duke of Milan and have magic powers. He have one daughter Miranda. His brother Antonio stole his title putting Prospero and he’s daughter Miranda with 3 years old on a boat to kill them but they ended to an island and they still there for 12 years since.  Prospero moves like a powerful person (who actually is) always have the right posture.  His language belong to an old British accent




Where am I?

The setting on this play set in an island. My character is affected for his brother Antonio who stole his title and wanted to kill Prospero and his daughter. The first scene that Prospero appear is on act 1 scene 2, and he is watching the storm that he made with his powerful magic to revenge on his brother Antonio and his companions on a boat.




What time is it?

The time was dark from the huge storm that Prospero made with thunder, lightning and rain. When Alonso, Antonio, Ferdinand, Gonzalo and Sebastian are returning from the wedding of Alonso’s daughter Claribel and the King of Tunis and Prospero revenge on them.




 What do I want? And why do I want what I want?

Prospero wants to revenge on his brother Antonio. He made a storm, the eponymous tempest, to lure his usurping brother Antonio and the complicit King Alonso of Naples to the island to punish and forgive them.




What are my obstacles?

Prospero have all his enemies on his Island and they want to kill him. And Ferdinand fall in love with Prospero’s daughter and they will going to marry and Prospero hates Ferdinand.



How can I overcome them?

Prospero wants to forgive them all by breaking all the spell’s and get them all free. Ariel and Caliban became a free spirit, Prospero return his dukedom and Miranda will marry with Ferdinand.



 How can you communicate this to an audience?

The way I can communicate to an audience his to express and spit out the Prospero and show to the audience the way he talks, walks, the way that he’s angry, powerful magician, a Duke, the way that I can show his emotion, the gesture and how he can move.


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