Friday 4 November

Today in warm up with the year2 and the tech we did 3 games : Ain’t your mamma, Pigeons and Anyone who… ! Pratical with Helena we finished the dance from Romeu and Juliet however we finished without Ebony and Jaime-Leigh. We tryed hard to finishing the dance without the girls but we did it when the girls came back we can practice better, and practice till get better till 29 November.

In Erica’s lesson we did a exercise for our movement and we did a exercise a pairs witch basicly we give the hands and the person who have the hand on top the person have to lead the other person with eyes close. It’s a good exercise to trust our partner. We lift up Max because he’s goind to play Ariel from THE TEMPEST and we make him fly. By the end we did Samurai game.

And in season rehearsals we prepered for the audition “Lilies on the Land” with Lynn. I will choose Vera but I must have to get it right my accent.



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