Wednesday 2 November

Today in Directed study I was searching for the Task 2 for the assignment THE TEMPEST and I find some good ideas but it’s not finished. The rest of the time I look for more accents…read some articles and watch some videos especially Helena Bonham Carter because I may choose Vera’s monologue from the Lillies and I wqas looking for her accent…Hopefully I will try my best like always. In Lynn’s lesson we talk about our character that we will going to  perform at 29 November. We talk in how we could communicate to an audience. How we are going to perform our charater…and i was thinking that Prospero who is strong and a powerful person, I should perform Prospero like posture because he was a Duke of Milan with hands behind his back, his voice have to be strong with pontuality but at the same time a broken person, powerful, afraid for his daughter, protector and angry. But I have to think more from Prospero and I still have to find his voice with the accent and I would say it’s going to be hard for me but it’s a challenge and I will try my best. Next we did go to Leonardo’s house to see some voluntary work in medice business! I take some panflets about Yoga, Healthier lives, Health and Care, Stressed and Anxious, Charity Supporting Hospital…And I did Health tests to see my blood pressure, peak flow, body fat %, weight and height. Was really nice to know this stuff not just for ourselfs but to help the others person that need help to. In season rehearsal we did 4 game: Chinese wispering, Questions only, Alphabetic game and Freeze nomenated. Today was hard for me doing Alphabetic game. Was the firt time I play but I don’t have the language it’s really hard to me, I can understand what they say but to express it’s hard…be I know that I grow up a little my english and I pround…I must have to keep study my english.


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