Reflecting of these 2 weeks

Today, 14 September 2016, I am here sitting down and writing this unique experience for me. Being in  other country who is not mine, trying to study hard and be someone that I really like it! People ask me ” Why are you here?” ” Why you choose to be here instead to being with your family and friends? WHY…! Because I need to be someone! I need to be that person who I believe to follow my dreams! Being in this college West Suffolk College it’s being a huge challenge for me. It’s not that easy! But I always say “Who told you that will be easy? ” Nothing in this life is easy. So we have to work hard to be succeed. For my first week being here was horribly…. I was so nervous, (and I still nervous but not to much like the 1 week)  alone and I don’t speak to much English so people doesn’t understand me. Then we played games, we get to know each other and adapt the environment. I had been researching about Theatre Types and Styles, Traditional folk stories, read music and singing (oiee I sing now ) and so many other things. About this last 2 days (Monday and Tuesday) I had been doing a short film! For many other is nothing but who want to follow this career is to much and it’s being a journey for me! DON’T BE AFRAID GOD IS ON CONTROL!!!!


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